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Your outdoor space is more than just a yard; it’s an extension of your home and an opportunity to create a beautiful, functional, and tranquil oasis. If you’re looking to transform your outdoor area into a stunning retreat, you’re in the right place.

Outdoor kitchens have become a popular and practical addition to any home, offering a space where you can savor the joy of cooking and entertaining in the fresh air. If you’re considering creating your own outdoor culinary haven, you’re in the right place. Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design is your go-to expert for covered outdoor kitchen ideas, covered outdoor kitchens, outdoor kitchen designers, and all things related to outdoor kitchen design. With our expertise, we can help you transform your outdoor space into a culinary paradise.

    We’ll take the time to understand exactly what you’re looking for, and use your vision and personal tastes to produce a backyard that is truly one of a kind. How much does it cost? Use our ONLINE COST ESTIMATOR to find out now!

    Build the backyard of your dreams with Hawkstone Outdoor Design. Contact us today at 904-467-6900 or use our convenient online request form.

    If you can dream it, we can build it for you!

    Here is a small sampling of some of the outdoor living spaces we have designed and constructed for our greater Jacksonville area clients.

    Click on the images to enlarge and use the left and right arrows to scroll through the pages of the gallery:

    Build the backyard of your dreams with Hawkstone Outdoor Design. Contact us today at 904-467-6900 or use our convenient online request form.

    Our Process

    Initial Consultation

    All we need to start planning your perfect Jacksonville area outdoor design is a site survey, a list of your goals, and a walk-through of your outdoor living space.

    Whether you are looking for professional guidance or just someone capable of bringing your vision to light, Hawkstone Outdoor Design is the company for you.


    There are two ways to start planning your dream backyard.

    In most cases, approaching the project from a budget standpoint can be the most valuable.

    Hawkstone Outdoor Design and their professional consultants will be able to present as many options as needed for you to make the best possible decision for your new outdoor living space.

    If you are more of a visual decision maker, going straight into the design phase may the recommended way for you. During your consultation we can discuss that process as well.


    Know before you go!

    Hawkstone Outdoor Design’s dedicated team of professionals can visually portray your ideas for your outdoor space quickly and efficiently.

    Using cutting edge technology, we can “plug and play” multiple ideas for you to ensure you see all possibilities and can make the best-informed decisions that suit your personal taste and vision for your Jacksonville outdoor design.


    Hawkstone Outdoor Design settles for nothing less than the best.

    We promise to build the backyard of your dreams to the highest level of expectations as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality

    Even with the best builders in the field, Hawkstone Outdoor Design will be watching the crew “like a Hawk”, ensuring all of your goals are achieved down to the smallest detail.


    Now that the dream is a reality, you get to enjoy your backyard for years to come.

    Hawkstone ensures the quality just as much as the longevity, and we stand behind our work long after your project is complete.

    Welcome to the Hawkstone family!

    Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach Florida

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    Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas | Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach Florida

    Thinking of a dream backyard kitchen for your Jacksonville home?

    Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach FloridaHere in Florida, we have the ideal climate for outdoor living. With warm summers and mild winters, you can truly enjoy the outdoors year-round with a nice mix of ways to keep yourself entertained.

    Our team at Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design is well-versed in the world of covered outdoor kitchen ideas. We understand that each outdoor space is unique and should be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you dream of a rustic outdoor kitchen with a wood-burning oven, a modern space with sleek lines, or a cozy Mediterranean-style kitchen, our designers have the creativity and expertise to bring your vision to life.

    We carry only the best products and provide services that not only give you joy and satisfaction, but that are built to last a lifetime.

    Whether you look forward to the summer fun in the pool, cooler months staying warm by an outdoor fireplace, or entertaining your friends and family with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen all year round, Hawkstone Outdoor Design can make your dream a reality.

    Outdoor Kitchen Designer

    The best outdoor kitchen designs to enhance your Jacksonville area outdoor space.

    Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach FloridaWe know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect hardscape materials for your Jacksonville backyard outdoor design project.

    When it comes to designing your outdoor kitchen, having a professional outdoor kitchen designer like Hawkstone can make all the difference. Our designers have a keen eye for detail and can help you make the most of your available space, whether it’s a small courtyard or a sprawling backyard. We’ll work closely with you to select the right appliances, materials, and layout to ensure your outdoor kitchen meets your culinary needs and aesthetic preferences.

    Whether you prefer a coastal look, something traditional, or more of a modern and contemporary style, we promise to find the best materials for the job. Your choices include (but are not limited to):

    • Pavers
    • Porcelain
    • Travertine
    • Brick
    • Shellock Pavers
    • Decorative Block
    • Stacked Stone

    Covered Outdoor Kitchens

    Stay cool in your new, covered, backyard kitchen.

    Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach FloridaCovered outdoor kitchens are a fantastic way to extend your living space into the outdoors. They provide shelter from the elements, allowing you to cook and entertain year-round. At Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design, we specialize in creating covered outdoor kitchens that seamlessly blend with your home’s architecture and landscape, ensuring a functional and visually appealing space.

    Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas and Small Outdoor Kitchens

    Nothing beats a cozy kitchen on a cool Jacksonville area evening.

    Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach FloridaNot every outdoor space is expansive, and at Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design, we excel in designing small outdoor kitchens and providing small outdoor kitchen ideas that maximize the utility of your compact space. We specialize in making the most of every square foot, ensuring that even smaller outdoor areas can be transformed into efficient and charming culinary retreats.

    Outdoor Kitchen Ideas | Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach Florida

    Still considering outdoor kitchen ideas? Our Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach Florida makes all the difference.

    Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach FloridaOur treasure trove of outdoor kitchen ideas spans a wide range of styles and features. From outdoor bars and grilling stations to pizza ovens and fire pits, we can help you explore creative ideas that suit your lifestyle. Our team at Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design is here to inspire you and guide you through the process of turning your outdoor kitchen dreams into reality.

    This is an art form, and we want to help you create the perfect design for your project.

    We will help you select materials that stand the test of time and plants that will thrive in your surroundings.

    Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

    More than Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach Florida we make simple accessible to your Jacksonville home.

    Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach FloridaIf you’re looking for a more straightforward and budget-friendly approach to outdoor kitchens, our portfolio includes simple outdoor kitchen ideas that are practical and attractive. We’ll help you design a space that meets your basic cooking and dining needs while maintaining an inviting and stylish atmosphere.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can an outdoor kitchen be covered?

    Yes, an outdoor kitchen can absolutely be covered. In fact, having a covered outdoor kitchen is a practical and popular choice for homeowners who want to enjoy the benefits of outdoor cooking and entertaining while having protection from the elements.

    A covered outdoor kitchen typically includes a roof or some form of overhead structure that shields the cooking and dining area from rain, sun, and other environmental factors. This cover provides several advantages, such as:

    1. All-Weather Use: With a covered outdoor kitchen, you can use the space year-round, regardless of the weather. Rain or shine, you can continue cooking and entertaining without worrying about getting wet or overheated.
    2. Protecting Appliances: The cover helps safeguard your outdoor kitchen appliances, equipment, and materials from sun, rain, and other weather-related damage, extending their lifespan.
    3. Comfort and Shade: The shade provided by the cover creates a more comfortable and cooler environment for you and your guests to enjoy while cooking or dining outdoors.
    4. Design Flexibility: Covered outdoor kitchens offer a versatile design canvas. You can incorporate lighting, fans, and other features to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.
    5. Increased Home Value: An outdoor kitchen with a cover is often seen as a valuable addition to a home, which can increase its overall resale value.

    Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design specializes in creating covered outdoor kitchens that not only offer protection but also blend seamlessly with your home’s architecture and landscape, providing a functional and visually appealing space for outdoor culinary experiences.

    What is the average cost of an outdoor kitchen?

    The cost of an outdoor kitchen can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size, location, design, materials, and the features you want to include. On average, you can expect to invest anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 or more for a basic outdoor kitchen. However, for more elaborate and high-end designs, the cost can exceed $30,000 or even $50,000. Here’s a breakdown of these cost ranges:

    1. Basic Outdoor Kitchen (Low-End): A basic outdoor kitchen typically includes a grill, countertop, and minimal storage. The cost for this type of setup can range from $5,000 to $10,000.

    2. Mid-Range Outdoor Kitchen: A mid-range outdoor kitchen will have more features, such as a grill, countertop, storage, and possibly a sink. This level of outdoor kitchen can cost between $10,000 and $20,000.

    3. High-End and Custom Outdoor Kitchen: High-end or custom outdoor kitchens offer premium materials, appliances, and features like outdoor refrigerators, wine coolers, pizza ovens, and extensive cabinetry. The cost for such outdoor kitchens can start at $20,000 and can go well beyond $50,000, depending on the level of customization and luxury.

    4. Additional Factors: Keep in mind that additional factors can impact the cost, such as the need for plumbing and electrical work, the type of countertops and finishes you choose, and the complexity of the design. If you’re including a covered structure, that will also add to the cost.

    To get a more accurate estimate for your specific project, it’s advisable to consult with an outdoor kitchen designer, like Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design, who can provide a detailed quote based on your requirements and preferences. They can help you choose the right materials and features to create an outdoor kitchen that suits your needs and budget.

    How to build a small outdoor kitchen?

    Building a small outdoor kitchen can be a fun and rewarding project. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you construct a basic small outdoor kitchen:

    1. Plan Your Design: Determine the location for your outdoor kitchen. It should be conveniently located near your home, yet separate enough to keep cooking activities outdoors. Sketch out a rough design of the layout, including the placement of appliances, counters, and other features.

    2. Gather Permits and Regulations: Check with your local municipality for any necessary permits and regulations related to outdoor kitchens, including zoning and building codes. Ensure you comply with all requirements.

    3. Create a Solid Foundation: Build a strong foundation for your outdoor kitchen. You can use a concrete slab or pavers as the base. Ensure it’s level and properly graded for drainage.

    4. Frame the Structure: Frame the structure of your outdoor kitchen using pressure-treated lumber or steel studs. Create the frame for the countertops and supports for the appliances. Make sure the frame is sturdy and level.

    5. Choose Countertops: Select countertops that are suitable for outdoor use, such as granite, concrete, or outdoor-rated stone. Install the countertops on top of your frame, leaving spaces for appliances.

    6. Install Appliances: Place your outdoor kitchen appliances, such as a grill, refrigerator, or sink, into the designated spaces. Ensure they are connected to appropriate utilities, like gas and water lines.

    7. Add a Backsplash: Install a backsplash made of weather-resistant materials like tiles, stone, or stainless steel. This protects the walls and adds visual appeal.

    8. Build Cabinets and Storage: Create cabinet space for storage. Use weatherproof materials like marine-grade plywood or cabinets designed for outdoor use. Ensure they are adequately sealed to protect against the elements.

    9. Electrical and Plumbing Work: If your small outdoor kitchen includes electrical appliances or a sink, hire a professional to handle the electrical and plumbing work. These installations require the expertise of licensed contractors.

    10. Lighting and Accessories: Install outdoor-rated lighting for visibility and ambiance. Consider adding extras like shelving, hooks, and other accessories to make the space functional and stylish.

    11. Ventilation: If your outdoor kitchen has a grill, ensure there is proper ventilation to disperse smoke and odors. This may involve the installation of an outdoor hood or ventilation system.

    12. Finishing Touches: Add finishing touches like outdoor seating, potted plants, and outdoor decor to complete the look and make the outdoor kitchen an inviting space.

    13. Maintenance: Regularly maintain and protect your outdoor kitchen. Clean surfaces, cover appliances when not in use, and store accessories during harsh weather to ensure longevity.

    Building a small outdoor kitchen is a DIY project that can be achieved with careful planning and attention to detail. If you prefer professional assistance or need guidance, Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design can help you design and build a small outdoor kitchen that fits your space and style. Their expertise can ensure a successful and attractive outdoor kitchen that enhances your outdoor living experience.

    Should you cover your outdoor kitchen?

    Covering your outdoor kitchen is a wise choice, and there are several compelling reasons to do so:

    1. Protection from the Elements: Covering your outdoor kitchen provides protection from rain, sun, wind, and other weather elements. This protection ensures that your appliances, countertops, and other kitchen components last longer and require less maintenance.

    2. Year-Round Use: A covered outdoor kitchen allows you to use the space year-round, even in inclement weather. You can continue cooking, entertaining, and enjoying your outdoor space, regardless of the season.

    3. Comfort: A covered area provides shade, making your outdoor kitchen more comfortable during hot summer days. It also offers shelter from sudden rain showers, allowing you and your guests to remain dry.

    4. Preservation of Appliances: By shielding your outdoor kitchen from the elements, you can extend the lifespan of your appliances and prevent potential damage caused by exposure to sun, rain, or extreme temperatures.

    5. Enhanced Design: A covered outdoor kitchen can be designed with additional features like lighting, ceiling fans, and built-in heaters, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. It can become a true extension of your home.

    6. Increased Home Value: An outdoor kitchen with a cover is often seen as a valuable addition to a home, potentially increasing its resale value. Buyers appreciate the versatility and added living space.

    To fully enjoy the benefits of a covered outdoor kitchen, it’s essential to design the cover to complement your home’s architecture and the overall style of your outdoor space. Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design specializes in creating covered outdoor kitchens that seamlessly blend with your home and landscape while providing functionality and protection. Whether you want a basic cover or an elaborate structure, a covered outdoor kitchen is a valuable investment that enhances your outdoor living experience.

    Does outdoor kitchen add value to home?

    Yes, an outdoor kitchen can add significant value to your home. Here are some of the ways in which an outdoor kitchen can enhance the value of your property:

    1. Increased Living Space: An outdoor kitchen effectively extends your usable living space. It provides an additional area for cooking, dining, and entertaining, which is highly appealing to potential buyers.

    2. Enhanced Lifestyle: Outdoor kitchens offer a luxurious and convenient way to enjoy the outdoors, providing a space for cooking and dining al fresco. This feature caters to a desirable outdoor lifestyle and can be a strong selling point.

    3. Aesthetic Appeal: A well-designed and visually appealing outdoor kitchen can boost your home’s curb appeal and create a lasting first impression. The aesthetic value it adds can attract buyers and increase the perceived value of your property.

    4. Functionality: Outdoor kitchens are not only about aesthetics but also functionality. They offer convenience and efficiency, allowing homeowners to cook and entertain outdoors without the need to constantly go back and forth between the indoor kitchen and the outdoor area.

    5. Entertainment Value: Outdoor kitchens are great for hosting gatherings, parties, and events. The ability to entertain in style and comfort is a sought-after feature for many homebuyers.

    6. Resale Potential: Homes with outdoor kitchens tend to sell faster and at a higher price point than those without. Potential buyers often view outdoor kitchens as a valuable feature, which can give your property an edge in the real estate market.

    7. Customization: You can tailor your outdoor kitchen to match your specific preferences and needs, making it an attractive feature for potential buyers who appreciate the customization.

    8. Energy Efficiency: Outdoor kitchens with energy-efficient appliances and features can contribute to a lower energy footprint, which is a growing consideration for environmentally conscious buyers.

    9. Long-Term Investment: An outdoor kitchen is a long-term investment that not only adds value now but also ensures that your property remains competitive in the real estate market in the future.

    When considering an outdoor kitchen as an investment in your home, it’s important to focus on quality construction and design, as well as selecting durable materials and appliances. Professional outdoor kitchen designers, like Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design, can help you create an outdoor kitchen that not only adds value to your home but also enhances your outdoor living experience.

    Cost Estimator: Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach Florida

    We understand the need to have an idea of costs and options before making an inquiry with our consultant and design team.

    All of our backyards are custom designed and built, so it is difficult to give an exact quote for construction cost in a format like this. However, we invite you to select the type of materials and features you want and see approximately what that type of outdoor living space may cost.

    More importantly, this page will help you understand the major variables when it comes to pricing your project. When selecting your kitchen features, we use only the best American-made products and are happy to discuss the variables in pricing when choosing the best brand for you.

    It’s fun and easy to use!

    Hawkstone Outdoor Kitchen Design is your trusted partner in creating the perfect outdoor kitchen. Our Outdoor Pavers Atlantic Beach Florida has been trusted for over 30 years. Whether you’re seeking covered outdoor kitchen ideas, outdoor kitchen designers, or innovative outdoor kitchen concepts, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen. Contact us today and let us help you unlock the potential of your outdoor space, turning it into a culinary paradise that you, your family, and your friends will cherish for years to come.

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