Outdoor Design Cost Estimator

We understand the need to have an idea of costs and options before making an inquiry with our consultant and design team.

All of our backyards are custom designed and built, so it is difficult to give an exact quote for construction cost in a format like this. However, we invite you to select the type of materials and/or features you want, to see approximately what that type of outdoor living space may cost.

More importantly, this page will help you understand the major variables when it comes to pricing your project. When selecting your kitchen features, we use only the best American-made products and are happy to discuss the variables in pricing when choosing the best brand for you.

It’s fun and easy to use!

An estimate of total construction cost appears below once you fill in all of the selections. You can then change selections and see what effect it has on
the price.

—Please note, this is an estimate based on limited inputs, not an exact price quote, so if you are looking to get your specific project priced-out, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will have our professional consultant come out to discuss your ideas and guide you to making the best decision possible.

Cost Estimator

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  • Structures, Pools & Lighting

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