The Design Process

Your perfect jacksonville backyard starts here

You’ve been dreaming of the perfect backyard for your Jacksonville home, and now it’s time to start planning!

Hawkstone Outdoor Design’s main priority is to make the process as effortless and informative as possible. We make the most sense out of how to achieve your goals by presenting options for you to understand and choose from based on your wants and needs.

We’ll come to you to help us get a clear vision of your goals, and a genuine feel for your space so we can formulate the most accurate plan with no surprises.

Initial Consultation

All we need to start planning your perfect Jacksonville outdoor design is a site survey, a list of your goals, and a walkthrough of your outdoor living space.

Whether you are looking for professional guidance or just someone capable of bringing your vision to light, Hawkstone Outdoor Design is the company for you.


There are two ways to start planning your dream backyard.

If you are more of a visual decision maker, then going straight into the design phase is the recommended way for you.

Or from a budget standpoint, Hawkstone Outdoor Design and their professional consultants will be able to present as many options as needed for you to make the best possible decision about your Jacksonville backyard design.


Know before you go!

Hawkstone Outdoor Design’s dedicated team of professionash can visually portray your ideas for your outdoor space quickly and efficiently.

Using cutting edge technology, we can “plug and play” multiple ideas for you to ensure sure you see all possibilities and can make the best-informed decisions that suit your personal taste and vision for your Jacksonville outdoor design.


Hawkstone Outdoor Design settles for nothing less than the best.

We promise to build the backyard of your dreams to the highest level of expectations as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality

Even with the best builders in the field, Hawkstone Outdoor Design will be watching the crew “like a Hawk”, ensuring all of your goals are achieved down to the smallest detail.


Now that the dream is a reality, you get to enjoy your backyard for years to come.

Hawkstone ensures the quality just as much as the longevity, and we stand behind our work long after your project is complete.

Welcome to the Hawkstone family!

Have questions? Ready to find out more?

We'd be honored to help make your backyard dream a reality.